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Transport and logistics
Ede, Gelderland, the Netherlands
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At Kooltrans transport and logistics we constantly check the level and quality in all its facets throughout our company, which adds to an effective and professional working method. This way, we are able to offer our clients a permanent high level of quality, improving our performance continuously.

At Kooltrans transport and logistics we work with a quality management system. This system, which is based on the principles of ISO-standard 9001:2000, includes all activities that contribute to the realisation of an incessant improvement of quality, health, safety and environment. Every year, the system is evaluated by the management.

Health, safety and environment

Kooltrans transport and logistics emphasises safety, health, environment and matters of quality by integrating them in its activities. These should always be in accordance with the standards and demands of the organisation, the client and the environment. We constantly try to improve our
  performance, for instance by stimulating new technological and scientific developments in the fields of safety, health and environment. Following all safety prescriptions correctly is an important part of the instructions to our entire personnel. Activities should always be executed in a safe way, for instance by using means of personal protection and handling all appliances correctly. We also employ well educated and experienced personnel, so that we can meet any quality demand whatsoever. Kooltrans transport and logistics is also aware of the fact that many of her activities can have an effect on the environment. Therefore, we do everything within our power to limit these effects as much as possible. Intermodal transport, energy saving engines and driving behaviour, controlled diesel usage and an optimal load factor: these are all measures that contribute to the limitation of effects on the environment. Client satisfaction is another pillar under the quality of our services. We review our client satisfaction through reports and mutually agreed performance indicators.